Master Plan


The NIPSTA blueprint for success is contained in the Campus Master Plan, which is a 250-page document that provides a strategic framework for completion of the Academy. Development of the Master Plan was an elaborate process that involved assessing the existing facility, benchmarking other similar training facilities, planning the NIPSTA site, and estimating probable costs for completion.


Implementation of the multi-million dollar, multi-year Master Plan is well underway today. A comprehensive educational curriculum is now available on-site. This training is complemented by specialized indoor and outdoor props on a spacious 20-acre Campus. Funding from the public and private sectors supports the expansion of NIPSTA programs and facilities.

Attainment Plan

On October 3, 2006 the NIPSTA Board of Directors approved an Attainment Plan, a document which represents the collective effort of the NIPSTA membership to fulfill its mission as a cooperative approach to emergency preparedness and response.  The goals and objectives provide a multi-year outline of Academy strategies for success.

View the NIPSTA Campus Map (PDF).