Getting Hired in Law Enforcement Program

NIPSTA presents this four-hour "how-to" workshop to participants interested in law enforcement employment.


Topics include:

  • Finding Employment Opportunities
  • Mastering the Application Process
  • Taking the Written Exam
  • Passing the Physical Agility Test
  • Preparing for the Oral Interview
  • Understanding the Job
  • Making a Career Commitment


"It provides a lot of useful inside information from people who have worked in the field."

"If you are looking into law enforcement, this is a good course."

"I gained knowledge from experienced instructors of what to expect during the process."

"This was great for anyone seeking a career in law enforcement."

"Great basic information and great format for question and answer. Very knowledgeable instructors."

"The instructors have real life experience and gave us inside information."

"It is very informative and answers many questions about the police field."

"No changes needed. This course is what people need to know to be successful in getting a job."