AeroVista Drone Academy

Implementing a Drone Program 

This 1/2 day class is designed to help Public Safety Agencies build a comprehensive drone program that meets their operations needs and types of deployment. We'll identify the various steps needed for your agency to develop a safe, effective and legal drone program, while also providing you with the program outline and templates needed to expedite the entire process. Let up help quick-start your program! 

Drone Pilot Ground and Flight School

This is a 2- day class for law enforcement, fire and other public safety agencies looking to implement drones safely and legally into their missions. Developed by our experiences team of pilots and public safety advisors, this course is delivered in two parts. Ground School provides the practical knowledge on how to become a certified drone pilot. Flight School gives you the hands-on experience needed to develop robust flying skills and pilot proficiency. This course develops pilot knowledge and skills, preparing each attendee for the aeronautical knowledge test required to receive the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate. 

Mission Ready Class

Already completed Drone Pilot Boot Camp or have Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate? this 1-day course is a valuable experience for pilots that want to apply their skills to real-world emergency situations and demonstrate their ability to meet mission objectives. Specific operation modules include: Situational Awareness, Search & Rescue, Night Operations, Active Shooter, Accident Investigations. WE'LL CUSTOMIZE THIS COURSE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS.

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