Aerial Operations (Mobile)

NIPSTA’s Aerial Apparatus Operations program is designed to provide firefighters with the knowledge, skills and abilities to safely and effectively operate aerial apparatus on an emergency scene. Students will participate in discussions that cover aerial design, capabilities, tactics and strategies. Students will also participate in hands-on evolutions designed to build the confidence and skills to size-up, spot, operate and trouble shoot aerial apparatus on an emergency scene.DSC00657

Mobile Training

This is a mobile program using your department’s apparatus and can be held at your department, training center, or location of your choosing.

Custom Training

The curriculum can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. As this is a "custom" program, please contact our Program Coordinator who can start building a proposal to fit your department’s needs.

  1. Ken Koerber

    Fire & Technical Rescue Program Director

Course Syllabus