Evidence Recovery Skill Set for Police/Fire Personnel

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Evidence Recovery Skill Sets for Police/Fire Personnel Presented by On-Target Solutions Group

This foundational course is designed for any personnel assigned to Patrol, Investigations and Fire Scene duties, empowering them to identify, collect and record commonly encountered evidence at crime scenes. Skills sets learned can increase your agency’s case clearance rates and successful courtroom prosecution efforts, while simultaneously building public service satisfaction levels and their confidence in investigative efforts.

Training encompasses on-scene application for forensic scientific principles and is presented in a concise-immersive style utilizing lecture and hands on exercises. Upon completion attendees will be able to perform basic crime scene processing and recovery efforts. 

Note: Individually owned flashlight use is encouraged during classroom practical exercises. Students can bring any other available camera or forensic equipment to build confidence-familiarity of use during training. Practice materials will be provided at the training.

Skill Set Course Subject Matters:

  • Forensic Concepts
  • Safety Considerationsindex-evidence-collection
  • Crime Scene Analysis/Considerations
  • Finger-Palm print Recovery Techniques
  • Footwear/Tool Mark Impression Evidence
  • Blood Presumptive Testing
  • Blood Evidence Recovery Methods
  • Touch DNA Collection Efforts
  • Evidence Packaging
  • Photographic Preservation Concepts
  • Documentation- Reports/Chain of Custody
  • Court Room Testimony/Demonstrative Presentations
  • Forensic Skill Development Investments

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