Employee Evaluations

Employee Evaluations: Solution to Improve Performance

Organizations, as well as those supervisors that complete employee evaluations, must understand the importance of this critical function. This training will focus on preparing the employee evaluation within your current evaluation system. Other forms of performance review will also be discussed. By completing accurate, details and specific evaluations, evaluators will improve the efficient and effectiveness of their employees. In addition, quality employee evaluation are defensible for future employment actions should it be necessary.  The outcome of this training is to understand the purpose of employee evaluations is not to deliver a rating, but to improve performance!

Topics Include:

  • Best Practices for Employee Evaluations
  • Why are evaluations so important?
  • Difference between quantitative and qualitative measurements
  • Planning for the review process and the needs for supportive documentation
  • Legal Considerations
  • The importance of equitable evaluations
  • Performance evaluations language samples
  • the need for ongoing feedback sessions
  • Same Evaluations forms and evaluation language are provided!

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