• Car on fire
  • Firefighter climbing into burning building
  • Firefighter coming out of smokey doorway
  • Firefighter putting out car fire
  • Firefighter spraying water onto car
  • Firefighter using cutting tool on car
  • Firefighters breaking into roof
  • Firefighters by fire truck
  • Firefighters climbing ladders
  • Firefighters climbing stairs to burning building
  • Firefighters climbing up ladder
  • Firefighters coming out of building
  • Firefighters fighting car fire
  • Firefighters in gear
  • Firefighters in turn out gear
  • Firefighters on extended ladder
  • Firefighters on fire truck
  • Firefighters on roof using tools
  • Firefighters on roof with ladder
  • Firefighters on stairs surrounded by smoke
  • Firefighters posing for photo in front of fire
  • Firefighters posing for photos
  • Firefighters standing on stairs in gear
  • Firefighters taking a break
  • Firefighters working by smoke
  • Firefighters working surrounded by smoke
  • Smoke in doorway

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