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Buildings and Props

The Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training academy offers a one-of-a-kind cooperative approach to emergency preparedness and response. Located on 20 acres in Glenview, Illinois, NIPSTA delivers programs and services that address the public safety needs and professional standards of local government and private industry.

NIPSTA boasts many specialized indoor and outdoor buildings and props in a training environment that is unlike any other in the region.

NIPSTA Buildings and Props include:

Education Center

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This bright, clean, learning environment includes classrooms and meeting rooms of various sizes - each equipped with essential educational equipment. A tactical room offers opportunities for hands-on training exercises. Food and beverage service is provided on-site.  Shower facilities are also available.

Field Training Facility

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A 32,000 square-foot building, formerly utilized as a military aircraft hangar, now accommodates a wide range of scenario-based training exercises. This three-story structure offers an ideal setting for year-round training that requires the use of specialized equipment, such as the save-our-own prop and roof ventilation and rescue simulator.

Driver Training Pad

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This 190,000 square-foot concrete surface has been specifically designed to improve vehicle operator performance. Drivers of emergency vehicles (police cars, motorcycles, fire engines, ambulances, dump trucks, snow plows) and non-emergency vehicles (trucks, automobiles, buses) gain valuable experience in a safe, controlled environment - either in the daytime or at night under the lights.

Technical Rescue Training Prop

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This four-story structure is comprised of more than one dozen land-sea shipping containers arranged in a horseshoe design around a structural steel anchor system.  This prop is used for multiple training scenarios, including laddering, rappelling, confined space, rescue, SCBA awareness, building searches, and room clearing.

Emergency Entry Prop

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The prop sustains multiple training evolutions involving Class A live fires and less lethal weapons.  Other applications include search and rescue, rapid intervention, breaching doors and walls, and basement-level entry exercises.

Crime Scene Training Laboratory

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This room hosts educational programs that enhance the ability of local law enforcement personnel to identify and collect crime scene evidence. The training also improves the performance of state and local crime laboratories by reducing the time, labor, and expense required to process and analyze forensic evidence.  Forensic equipment includes a biological safety cabinent, dusting hood, chemical exhaust hood, fingerprint fuming cabinent, and an emergency eye wash and shower.

Room Clearing and Rescue Prop

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A modular training environment with movable walls that provide flexibility for dynamic instruction in search and rescue, tactical entry, breaching doors and walls, room clearing, Simunition weapons, and victim rescue.

Driver Training Simulators

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The two Simulators provide training in situation awareness, risk analysis, forward/backward maneuvers, decision-making, emergency reaction and avoidance, and conscientious equipment operation through a professionally-developed library of scenarios.  A year-round curriculum benefits a diverse audience of new and experienced drivers representing police, fire, EMS, public works, and private industry.

Railroad Training Prop

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This one-of-a-kind prop offers scenario-based training in a passenger car, in a tank car, and at a railroad crossing.  Exercises enhance the skills of specialized teams responding to incidents involving hazardous materials, terrorism, and passenger evacuation and rescue.

Vertical Training Prop

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A four-story enclosed staircase with a fifth-story roof serves as a venue for fire attack exercises, rapid intervention drills, hose advances, laddering, rappelling, and other high-rise operations.  The specially-designed third floor allows for live fire training in a safe, controlled environment.  It is fueled by a clean-burning source.  It accommodates Class B live fires, SCBA awareness, save-our-own exercises, and flashover simulations.

Structural Collapse Prop

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This indoor debris pile is uniquely engineered to replicate a residential structural collapse.  Rescue tools on-site make possible a variety of training opportunities, including shoring, breaching, confined space, canine searches, and listening device exercises.

Extrication Training Prop

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This outdoor debris pile is uniquely engineered to replicate a building collapse or another mass casualty incident that requires technical rescue.  A variety of training opportunities are available, including shoring, breaching, and confined space exercises.

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Prop

This training room is dedicated to enhancing the understanding of and familiarity with sprinkler systems and alarm systems.  A variety of mock-ups provide firefighters, inspectors, installers, and engineers with hands-on experience in the design and operation of the systems.

Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy
2300 Patriot Boulevard Glenview, IL 60026
Phone: 847-998-8090 • Fax: 847-998-8091

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