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Basic Operations Firefighter [1801]
January 15th - March 16th, 2018

NIPSTA Fire Academy

The NIPSTA Fire Academy is an exceptional educational experience, satisfying both the requirements of the State of Illinois Basic Operations Firefighter Certification and fulfilling the year-round training needs of fire departments and fire protection districts.  Our nine-week curriculum exceeds all learning objectives identified by the Office of the State Fire Marshall.  All training is accomplished on the 20-acre NIPSTA Campus and is supported by multiple state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor training props.

The program is delivered Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Registration for the NIPSTA Fire Academy is only open to students sponsored by a fire department; no independent students are currently being accepted into this program.   

Academy Tuition

NIPSTA Member Rate: $3,395 per student

Non Member Rate: $3,895 per student

(Payment is due before the first day of the program)

Student Materials

**Textbook Requirement**

Beginning in 2018, all Fire Academy students or their sponsoring departments are required to purchase their own text books prior to the first day of class. Students may purchase the required textbook directly from Jones & Bartlett Learning via the following link:

Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills: Evidence - Based Practices, Jones & Bartlett Learning Enhanced 3rd Edition

  • J&B textbooks are offered to NIPSTA students at a 25% discount
  • Textbook package includes "Navigate-2-Advantage Access" which unlocks a complete eBook, study center, homework and assessment center, and dashboard that reports actionable data. (Navigate 2 Advantage Access codes cannot be shared with multiple students). All students are required to maintain individual access to the electronic version of the textbook throughout the program. 
  • ISBN: 9781284098211

Hazardous Materials Operations

Hazardous Materials Operations is included in NIPSTA"s Basic Fire Academy and will occur during Week 7. If you or your candidate already have the HazMat Ops certification, attendance is encouraged, but not required. Fire department candidates may be dismissed back to their departments during Week 7. 

**Textbook Requirement**

The following textbook is required for Hazardous Materials Operations. Students may purchase the required textbook directly from Jones & Bartlett Learning via the following link:

Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations to NFPA 1072 & 472, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 3rd Edition

Closed Campus

Students enrolled in the NIPSTA Fire Academy are required to remain on the NIPSTA campus throughout each day of training. Daily meal service is not provided but food preparation facilities will be made available.


Several nearby hotels offer discounted overnight accommodations to students enrolled in the NIPSTA Fire Academy.  See home page for more info on lodging.


NIPSTA encourages on-site visits by the sponsoring fire department"s supervisory personnel.  Opportunities are available for officers to observe training exercises and interact with students and instructors during business hours.  Weekly written reports are also  provided to sponsoring departments as a means of monitoring student progress and proficiency.

New Temporary Registration Process 

(New website coming soon!)

Deadline for Registration: The deadline for registration will be one (1) week prior to the beginning of the course session.

Capacity:  The number of candidates in each quarterly session will not exceed thirty (30) persons in order to ensure safety and efficiency in training for both students and instructors.

ConfirmationA request for registration in the Academy will be confirmed by NIPSTA only upon receipt of the tuition fee payment in full.  NIPSTA Members may submit a purchase order pending receipt of payment in full. 

Roster:  Confirmed/paid registrations will be added to the Academy roster in the chronological order in which payments are received.  A maximum of thirty (30) candidates will be enrolled; all others will be assigned to a waiting list and added to the roster if there is a cancellation.

"TBDs":  Fire Chiefs or Training Officers may reserve a spot by entering "TBD" in the "Last Name" field. Valid fire department contact information (department email & phone number) must be included in the registration. TBDs cannot be guaranteed without payment. All unpaid TBDs require confirmation with a candidate name at least one (1) week prior to registration. In the event that a waiting list has been established, unpaid/unfilled TBDs will be moved to the bottom of the list one (1) week prior to the start date. At that time, paid waiting list registrants will be moved into confirmed positions and departments will be notified.

Substitution:  After payment is received by NIPSTA, a fire department/district may substitute for a confirmed candidate for any reason. Names are due within one (1) week of the beginning of a course session. 

Cancellation:  After payment is received by NIPSTA, a fire department/district may cancel a confirmed candidate prior to the start of the academy at any time for any reason. Cancellations will result in a refund of 50% of the paid tuition (75% for NIPSTA Members).  

Upon receipt of payment of the tuition fee, NIPSTA will confirm your registration request via a subsequent notice of acceptance in the Academy.

Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy
2300 Patriot Boulevard Glenview, IL 60026
Phone: 847-998-8090 • Fax: 847-998-8091

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