Public Works Trench Training

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Trenching & Competent Person Training

Asphyxiation, entrapment, and exposure to toxic chemicals are just a few of the dangers that public works personnel encounter when working in trenches and excavations. This training program was developed to meet the requirements of OSHA 1926.650 and the Illinois Department of Labor standard for local governments. Participants will receive instruction about the compliance evaluation process.

Topics to be addressed:

• Means of Egress (Ladders and Ramps)

• Atmospheric Testing and Ventilation Equipment

• Water Pumps

• Protective Systems (Shores and Shields)

• Soil Testing Equipment

• Daily Inspection Checklist

• Trenching Policies and Procedures

• Trenching Rescue Procedures

The classroom session will involve a comprehensive review of OSHA and competent person requirements, and discussion of how these standards relate to a department"s typical operations. Each attendee will be required to complete a written review of the material presented. Practical skills training will also be provided in a training trench, with an emphasis on protective systems, proper equipment use, and safety skills.

This program has been approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for Water Operator Certification training credit.

Program includes course materials.