Reality of RIT

Course Description

Are you really ready for a MAYDAY situation taking place on your fire scene? How often do you train for this incident? Do you train for this situation in the firehouse or out in the real world? davis_fire1C_met

This course is designed to challenge your tactical and decision making skills, while providing real world solutions for managing a variety of MAYDAY scenarios.  This course will inform Chief Officers, Company Officers, Firefighters, and EMS personnel how to manage the reality of MAYDAY events. Through classroom and hands-on learning, students will learn skills for handling MAYDAY situations using a variety of proven tactics and strategies. 

Lead Instructors: David Traiforos, Fire Chief (ret) Franklin Park Fire Department and Firefighter Ed Snyder of the Fire Department of New York have extensive tactical and strategic experience...including managing MAYDAY events that have resulted in both good and devastating outcomes.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Spring: March 18 - 20, 2019

  • Fall: TBD

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