Municipal Government Leadership Academy


The Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy, in cooperation with Oakton Community College, presents a series of leadership workshops for individuals preparing to transition into a leadership position. This workshop examines various leadership styles, and how each style affects employee motivation and performance. Participants will analyze and evaluate their own individual style of leadership in terms of working with staff and practice leadership strategies that maintain and strengthen constructive relationships. 

Tuition Fee 

$75.00 NIPSTA Members

$100.00 NIPSTA Non-Members

2018 Courses (click here to register)

Conflict Resolution | November 2, 2018

Conflict is inevitable and to be expected at work. Enhance your skills to manage conflict by uncovering your preferred way to resolve conflict so that you can leverage this "style". Determine when situations call for you to utilize your preferred style as well as when another style may be more effective based on the situation you face.

Cultural and Generational Differences | November 30, 2018

Team members need to learn how to communicate to multi-generations. Understand generational characteristics and learn the similarities and differences. Understand the values and communication style of each generation and culture. Discover what motivates to become a better leader, a better employee. 


Coaching and Mentoring| January 25, 2019

The practice of accountability centered leadership equips managers to successfully coach and mentor people to reach their full potential. During this course, participants distinguish the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring. You will learn how to coach others to expand their insights, knowledge, and skills when they undertake new tasks and projects that stretch their abilities is a focus of the program. 

EQ vs. IQ (Emotional Quotient vs. Intelligence Quotient) | February 22, 2019

This workshop will help you recognize and understand how to manage your emotions. This is a learned skill that can be improved upon with tools and techniques. Emotions drive our behavior. Understanding and practicing these skills is a powerful determinant of effective leadership.

No Jerk Policy | March 29, 2019

Everyone wants to work in a civilized workplace. How much is negativity costing you and your company? Learn how to deal with bullies, creeps, or jerks who make life miserable at work. Can you cope with rude, mean-spirited, and egotistical team members? This ongoing problem destroys morale, lowers productivity, and ruins an organization's culture. Learn how to turn it around. 

Based on a book by Stanford Professor Robert I. Sutton. 

 Public Speaking and Communication Skills | April 26, 2019

Being able to communicate is an important life skill. Being able to communicate clearly, confidently and concisely will improve the quality of your life personally and professionally. As your career progresses being able to communicate is an essential skill for managers and leaders. This workshop will teach you tools and techniques to improve your communication skills. 

Business Writing | May 31, 2019

This workshop is designed to teach you a more effective way of communicating in the workplace. It delivers basic tips and techniques for dealing with many kinds of writing tasks, which leads to the ability to communicate to your readers what they need to know. Refresh your ability to handle the mechanics of writing including grammar, sentence structure, and word choice. For professionals who want a quick and easy approach to effective business writing. 

Customer Service | June 28, 2019

Develop the mindset and skills required to meet and exceed internal or external customer expectations while cultivating strong working relationships that secure commitment and trust. Participants enhance their customer service skills by uncovering key behaviors associated with preparing, greeting, understanding, assisting, and extending themselves with customers.