Media Relations for Public Safety Agencies

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Media Relations for Public Safety Agencies

Police and Fire Chiefs/Sheriffs, Command Officers or individuals assigned to Media Relations and PIO duties attending this 2-day, 16 hour program will develop the skills necessary to build a positive and professional public image of their agency.  Ross Rice, your presenter, is a 30 year veteran of the FBI who served as the Public Affairs Director and Spokesman for the Chicago Office. He currently serves as a Safety & Security Analyst for CBS News in Chicago and does private media consulting.  Program participants with Ross at the helm, will gain practical experience in preparing for and delivery of departmental information at press conferences and media interviews at a variety of simulated “Breaking News Events” i.e. major crime events, fires/natural disasters, terrorist acts.

on target media Relations imageTopics covered include:

  • Development of Media Policies
  • Media Relations
  • Pre-Planning Interviews
  • Media Traps
  • Challenges of Television News
  • What is News?
  • Crisis Communications
  • Freedom of Information
  • Social Media/Messages/Technology
  • Rules of Pre-Trial Publicity
  • What Reporters Want to Know in a Crisis
  • Changing Details in a Crisis/Getting out the Good News
  • Importance of Knowing Your Media Market
  • Holding Reporters Accountable
  • Reacting to Web/Blog Comments
  • Tips on Improving Media Relationships
  • Future of PIO’s/ Police Media Challenges

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