Police Training Institute Courses

Arrest & Control Tactics Instructor Course

August 16-20, 2021 8:00-5:00 PM

This is a train-the-trainer course designed to teach the Police Training Institute's Arrest & Control Tactics system. Officers will become certified instructors in PTI's system, which includes teaching empty hand arrest and control tactics, baton, and OC spray. Officers will also learn how to use step-by-step breakdowns of each technique and then work these techniques into specifically designed training drills. Officers will be given the opportunity to teach these skills under the guidance of one of the Police Training Institutes' Primary Master Control Tactics Instructors.

Subject areas include: 

  • Utilizing the use of force scale
  • Arrest and control tactics(including baton and OC Spray)
  • Methods of instruction and effective teaching techniques
  • Coach-pupil drill training

There are no prerequisites to this course. Anyone who is working in law enforcement may enroll.

Training Cost: $575.00- Call PTI directly to register (217) 333-6522, email pti@illinois.edu  course code#3530