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Calibre Press Announcement: New Course Offering


NIPSTA is excited to announce a new partnership with Calibre Press. Calibre press is dedicated to developing smarter, safer, more successful Law Enforcement officers. This partnership will bring new courses and opportunities for the Law Enforcement community here at NIPTA Campus.

Join us on December 10th for the first offering: Legally Justified; but was it Avoidable?

Law Enforcement Driver Training

The NIPSTA Law Enforcement Driver Trianing Program is certified by the National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD).

The 2day and 3-day courses are designed to enhance the driving skills and knowledge of police officers. Training includes classroom instruction and hands-on driving exercises.

VirTra Training

The VirTra Training Simulator enhances the training events by thrusting officers into a multi-sensory law enforcement experience. Decision making is at the core of the VirTra training muddle, allowing officers the opportunity to continue to develop response to different realistic scenarios. 

Management and Supervisor Training- Presented by On Target Solutions Group

Solutions for Managers and Supervisors is a career development tool to enhance and refine leadership skills experienced and new supervisors as well as a platform for those to be promoted to supervisory positions. This course is highly dynamic and involves a self-assessment and the realization that the people are the true assets of their agency. Participants will understand the importance of their tole in the shared visions of their agency and how they individually impact the orgnaziational mission.

Media Relations for Public Safety Agencies- Presented by On Target Solutions Group 

Police and Fire Chiefs/Sheriffs, Command Officers or individuals assigned to Media Relations and PIO duties attending this 2-day, 16 hour program will develop the skills necessary to build a positive and professional public image of their agency.  Program participants will gain practical experience in preparing for and delivery of departmental information at press conferences and media interviews at a variety of simulated “Breaking News Events” i.e. major crime events, fires/natural disasters, terrorist acts.

Evidence Recovery Skill Sets for Police/Fire Personnel Presented by On-Target Solutions Group

This foundational course is designed for any personnel assigned to Patrol, Investigations and Fire Scene duties, empowering them to identify, collect and record commonly encountered evidence at crime scenes. Skills sets learned can increase your agency’s case clearance rates and successful courtroom prosecution efforts, while simultaneously building public service satisfaction levels and their confidence in investigative efforts.

Crime Scene Photography: Essentials

This is an immersive two-day fundamentals course designed to maximize the use of your equipment for recording court admissible photographic evidence. Focused toward personnel wanting to expand their introductory awareness or desiring a basic equipment refresher, while simultaneously learning proven techniques for photographing crime scenes.

Evidence Storage and Management: Operations and Best Practices presented by On Target Solutions Group

This seminar is designed for both civilian/sworn personnel with custodial duties and those responsible for the management of these functions including supervisors and executives. Agency size often impacts involved storage variables-presented materials can identify employable options to preserve evidence integrity from unwanted courtroom challenges.

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