Snow Plow Driver Training- Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicles

heavy weight snow

Snowplow Driver Training(Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles)

This program has been specially developed by NIPSTA in order to introduce new snowplow operators to basic snow plowing principles and techniques. It also serves as a refresher program for season drivers.

The curriculum focuses on local concerns and provides a forum for experiences drivers to share their knowledge with others who encounter similar challenges.

Discussion topics include:

  • Plowing Patterns
  • Snow removal techniques
  • Effective salting techniques

Training sessions include classroom instruction and hands-on driving exercises on the NIPSTA Driver Training Pad with both department vehicles and other various snow removal equipment. Instruction is delivered by public works professionals who will address issues related to personal responsibility, job quality, workplace safety and resident satisfaction. 

This session is dedicated specifically for medium and heavy duty (single or tandem-axle dump trucks)vehicles.


  • Each student must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle must a single or tandem axle dump truck with attached plow
  • No More than 2 Students per vehicle

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