Prop & Classroom Usage

When NIPSTA props are not in use - we are happy to make them available to municipalities, response teams, or private industry personnel in need of training. This page will provide information for NIPSTA members and non-members to request the use of any prop, classroom, or area of our Glenview campus.

NIPSTA Members

NIPSTA members are eligible to use the facility and/or training props free of charge. 

  1. Download and complete a "Request for Use Form" (see below)

  2. Submit the form to any one of our Fire & TRT management team members listed to the right, who will review and book your event.

NIPSTA Non-Members

Non-members are eligible to rent the facility and/or training props for an incremental usage fee (see schedule below). To request a quote please use the following procedure: 

  1. Download and complete and a "Request for Use Form" (see below)

  2. Submit the form to any one of our management team members (to the right), who will review and reply back with a formal quote for you to approve.

  3. Once approved, we will send you back a service contract and you’re good to go.

Incident Action Plans (IAPs)

Hands-on training events that involve over 5 participants and all live fire evolutions require submission of a detailed IAP from the requesting agency. At a minimum, the detailed IAP should contain the following 4 NIMS documents:

  • 202 Event Objectives

  • 205 Communications Plan

  • 206 Medical Plan

  • 214 Unit Log

You may use the blank IAP posted below or your own agency’s version. 

  1. Ken Koerber

    Fire & Technical Rescue Program Director

  2. Patrick Jessee

    Hazardous Materials Program Manager

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